"Sudnya Industrial Services Pvt Ltd, Pune had audited our Condenser Water Pumping system and..."
Peter D’Souza,
Lilavati Hospital & Research Centre

"Sudnya Industrial Services Pvt Ltd., Pune, had submitted report of the energy audit that..."
J. E. Bapasola,
Corporate Head - Techno-commercial Group & Business Services Group
AFL Private Limited
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The Process is at the heart of any factory. Careful study and investigation is required before any process up-gradation is taken up. A wrongly engineered solution can easily mess up the production facility, and cause grievous harm to a factory’s primary purpose, which is to manufacture goods of acceptable quality for their customers within the promised delivery periods.
SUDNYA ensures that Process up-gradation does not adversely affect either production quality or production rate. In fact, its projects might often result in better quality of products because of superior control, and larger throughput because of reduced constraints on utilities and energy systems.

Each Unit Operation and Unit Process in the chemical process industries offer many specific opportunities for improving energy efficiency. These are too numerous to mention here. Some generic methods to improve operating processes are:

  • Equipment Upgrades
  • Process Integration
  • Automation & Controls
  • HE Networks
  • Efficiency & Productivity Improvement
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