"Sudnya Industrial Services Pvt Ltd, Pune had audited our Condenser Water Pumping system and..."
Peter D’Souza,
Lilavati Hospital & Research Centre

"Sudnya Industrial Services Pvt Ltd., Pune, had submitted report of the energy audit that..."
J. E. Bapasola,
Corporate Head - Techno-commercial Group & Business Services Group
AFL Private Limited
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Our mission is to render knowledge based Energy and Environmental services to Industrial, Commercial and Institutional energy users to help them improve their profitability.

The word Sudnya is derived from the Sanskrit root for Knowledge (dnya also pronounced gnya in North India). Thus, to be Sudnya has connotations of being Knowledgeable, Wise, and Judicious. Working with knowledge is key to success in modern manufacturing and service organisations, and we endeavour to deploy for the benefit of our customers, our knowledge of energy, its manifestations, use, and reuse as well as the processes & equipment that generate, transform or “consume” energy.

Our purpose is to provide Knowledge based energy and environmental solutions to our customer to help them improve their profitability.

This focus on improving the profitability of our customers sets us apart from other companies and organisations in the energy efficiency field.

Sudnya Industrial Services Pvt. Ltd. has been established to provide Energy and Environment related services to energy users in industry, institutions and commercial establishments. We provide our clients guaranteed energy and environmental pollution cost reduction through a paid from benefits programme. This is achieved through a highly flexible, yet well integrated comprehensive service delivery programme, which begins with energy monitoring, auditing and working through feasibility studies & project development, engineering, fund raising stages to turn-key project implementation, installation of a measurement and verification system and finally rendering post-implementation services to sustain the guaranteed benefits from the programme.

Project development is conducted through the well-established seven-step process to ensure that the greatest benefits from an investment are captured.

The Seven Step Process
The Seven-Step Process ensures that the largest savings are obtained at the least cost. Since measures to match the requirement are often operating measures, implementing them requires little investment. We can simply and quickly bring these savings to customers.

Efficiency improvement measures are technological and therefore, require some investment. Matching the requirement first ensures that the size of equipment to be installed for improving the efficiency, is smaller than without matching the requirement, and therefore, less costly.

The measures to optimise supply are the most capital-intensive measures as these measures deal with energy generation and recovery. Since we would have minimised the amount of energy required by the process system by the time these measures come up for implementation, the investment in the supply-optimisation measures is considerably lower than if the other measures had not been implemented.

The Seven-Step Process thus ensures minimisation of both operating as well as capital costs. Moreover, since the more capital-intensive measures come later in the programme, the Process makes better use of capital available. Often, the savings from the match-the-requirement and maximise-efficiency measures can be substantial, and this internal capital generation can provide a substantial part of the promoter’s contribution for implementing the capital-intensive supply-side measures! The Seven-Step Process then results in the largest return on investment for the least capital employed.

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