"Sudnya Industrial Services Pvt Ltd, Pune had audited our Condenser Water Pumping system and..."
Peter D’Souza,
Lilavati Hospital & Research Centre

"Sudnya Industrial Services Pvt Ltd., Pune, had submitted report of the energy audit that..."
J. E. Bapasola,
Corporate Head - Techno-commercial Group & Business Services Group
AFL Private Limited
Industry wise
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Technique wise
Energy Monitoring
Determination of the macro level energy consumption and relating it to output and other parameters for establishing a baseline. This activity yields valuable information for management action on costing pricing etc. and forms a base for comparing long-term energy performance. Various statistical and other techniques are used to analyse the current situation. National and international benchmark data is used to evolve targets for future energy use in the facility.

Energy Auditing
Well-instrumented measurements are directed towards building an energy balance that can be used to identify energy cost reduction opportunities, classified as No Cost Opportunities, Low Cost Opportunities and Other Opportunities. The effect of variation of the factors of production on energy use is also studied.

Feasibility Studies
Engineering hardware is required to harness the Cost Reduction Opportunities to affect savings. Full-scale engineering and economic feasibility studies establish the costs of harnessing the Opportunity and quantify the benefits that may be obtained there from. In existing plants apart from the cost of equipment a number of indirect costs that may have to be incurred to make the project work and it is essential to include all costs - direct as well as indirect - if sound investments are to be planned. We particularly ensure that all project costs are reckoned (especially soft costs that are often overlooked) in the project estimates. Similarly, benefits may vary with time, throughput, season, or other influencing factors, and it is important that estimates of benefits take into account such variations so that the returns from projects are not overstated. We have the skills necessary to ascertain project returns under variable circumstances.

Development of Paid-from-Benefits Programme
We take a comprehensive look at the manufacturing system to identify interactions between energy sub-systems to properly sequence the development and implementation of improvements to maximise returns on investment. For example, we would plan for a reduction in energy usage in a plant before installing an energy generation facility there; as such an action would reduce the capital cost of the energy generation facility while ensuring that a high load factor is maintained on the system. This would bring in high returns on the total investment.

Retrofitting improvements in working plants requires that the constraints of existing equipment be borne in mind while designing the modifications. This requires considerable "field engineering" effort that is a normal part of our activities. We ensure that the sub-systems from various sub-vendors are interfaced properly so that installation proceeds smoothly and the operation of the various components are harmonious.

Fund Raising
To ensure smooth progress of the installation of the modifications we have links with financial institutions and funding agencies so that funds are available to the project.

Turn-key Project Installation
Co-ordinating the implementation of modifications in a working facility requires considerable skills in project planning, scheduling and control. We provide these skills in ample measure to our clients and by undertaking turn key responsibility for the implementation of the modifications, save them the trouble of scheduling and co-ordinating the efforts of a number of sub-vendors. This also provides the client a single point of reference for all aspects of the project and its performance.

Measurement & Verification Services
We install a measurement and verification system with every modification in a manner pre-agreed with our clients. This system keeps track of energy usage after the modifications to ensure that guarantees are met and that savings are sustained over a period of time.

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